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The red light mode allows you to keep a super low profile, improve peripheral vision, reduce glare, protect wildlife and keep bugs at bay!

  • Reduced Glare. When using a headlamp on a camping trip or nighttime activity, white light can be blinding and painful for humans exposed directly to the light.
  • Better Peripheral Vision. Red lights are clinically proven to improve your peripheral vision by this filtered wavelength of light.
  • Happier Wildlife. Red light is better for the environment, wildlife.
  • Powerful Insect Repellent! Most bugs can’t see the color red which means less stings, bites and irritation!
  • Easy on Eyes. Does not emit any ultraviolet or infrared radiation so it cannot damage your eyesight, even if looked at directly.
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Category Sports


You can exercise, explore, camp, work, repair, read and more with this amazing headlamp. The Pilot Light brings you 230° ultra-wide illumination in any situation with up to 150ft reach. With a “zero bounce” design, lightweight materials and adjustable straps, it’s the headlamp that’s loved by night owls the world over. Turn it on with the wave of your hand and prepare to see and be seen at night like never before!

  • Unique Zero Bounce design
    • Tired of headlamps that bump and bounce, stick out, knock into things, or send a cone of light into the distance but not near your feet or to your side? The Pilot Light offers a powerful no-bounce design and side light for distance viewing.
  • Wave sensor turns the lamp on and off
    • Featuring a handy wave feature that allows you to turn the Pilot Light on and off with a wave. No more fumbling for the switch or taking both hands off the wheel or fishing rod or whatever you might be carrying.
  • Adjustable headband for any size noggin
    • Fits perfectly on any helmet or head, big or small. The adiustable headband makes the Pilot Light snug, secure and stays in place no matter what you get up to in the dark.


Category Sports

Category Sports